Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is by its nature a consultative and not a legislative or administrative body. The role of this Council is to aid the pastor in identifying the pastoral needs of the community, help plan pastoral programs, improve pastoral service and evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs. This is done with the aim of enhancing the quality of parish life and pastoral activity. At St. Henry the pastor is supported and counseled in his ministry by a twelve  member Pastoral Council. Ten members are elected  and two staff members are appointed. Terms of office are four years.

2017-2018 Pastoral Council

  • Chair: Glenn Zmuda
  • Secretary: Terri Heitzman
  • Evangelization: Gerald McAfee
  • Liturgy & Worship:Sara Wise
  • Organization: Sharon Williams
  • Membership: Marcy Marlow
  • Hispanic Bridge Builder: Guillermina Hernandez
  • Catholic Action/Community: Don Schantz
  • Communications: Art Abbott
  • Vocations: Doug Klein
  • Education: Terry Tygielska

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council provides advice and guidance to the pastor and the Pastoral Council on all administrative, financial, fund raising, and facility management issues. Its role is to ensure that the parish has the financial stability and resources needed to successfully carry out its mission. The parish Administrative Council provides a crucial service in the development of a pastoral plan. It furnishes an analysis of the financial implications of the pastoral plan as it develops.

2017-2018 Administrative Council

  • Development: Vicky Leliefeld, Kathy Thompson
  • Finance: Rod Moritz, Jesús Torres
  • Building and Grounds: Tom Barrie, Shane Tercek, Raul Ramirez

12 priorities for developing our parish master plan.