The parish celebrates the Baptism of infants and preschool children on a regular basis. Some are scheduled during a Sunday Mass, others are scheduled on Sunday afternoons. First time parents are asked to attend Baptism Preparation classes before scheduling a date for the sacrament. These sessions are provided almost every month. To avoid delaying the baptism of their children, parents are encouraged to participate in these meetings before the birth of their child.

The preparation of school-aged children for Baptism is coordinated with the faith formation program.

Frequently asked questions...

When can we have our baby baptized?
We do not have automatically scheduled days for the sacrament. We respond in a more personal way to the needs of each couple. Most baptisms happen on Sundays at after the final mass of the day. However, we are happy to have them during any of our weekend Masses and after the Saturday 5:00 Mass as well. We arrange the specific date on an individual basis with couples. We limit the number of babies on any particular celebration of the sacrament to four.

First time parents are asked to complete our Parent Prep Program. This involves attending 2 sessions that are 1½ hr each. Dates and times are negotiated with interested couples. It is offered 10 months of the year (not during advent or lent).

Couples wishing to baptize a 2nd child are not asked to repeat the prep. Call the office to schedule a date.

Do the godparents have to be Catholic?
Cannon Law requires each child to have at least one godparent who is a confirmed Catholic. in good standing in the church. God parents are not required to take a class prior to the sacrament, however, they are always welcome to join the parents.

Can we have more than 2 godparents?
Yes. Technically, any more than 2 are called sponsors, or Christian witnesses.

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