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If you think church is a place to visit on Sunday only, be prepared to have that idea challenged. At St. Henry one of the first things you will notice when you drop by the parish office during the week is how busy it is! Learn more >

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St. Henry Catholic Church’s attention to religious education is an exception to the rule. Not only is our focus on children’s faith formation via classes and vacation bible school but we continue our faith journey with an outstanding youth ministry and confirmation program.   Learn more >

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St. Henry aims to share the Body of Christ in both our celebration of the sacraments and in the work we do in our community. Volunteers and prayer partners are the engines that drive the work of our community. Learn more >

Latest News

January 13 - It's our 3rd snow day this week + weekend announcements

Gresham-Barlow has cancelled school for Jan 13 as well.  That means that the office is closed and all meetings/activities are cancelled..  As always, mass is not cancelled  - the priests live on campus.  But...  don't put yourself in harm's way to get here.  Stay safe, use good judgement with everything, stay warm and keep the people who need extra help in the cold weather in your prayers please!  

Sunday school is cancelled this weekend.  

With this week's closures, it makes sense for us to let our staff and volunteers collect themselves over the weekend.  Masses are never cancelled, but everyone should bear in mind that your safety comes first.  Join us to celebrate the mass only when it is safe and reasonable for you and your family to do so.  You're not excused from praying, however!  You should be doing that all the time anyhow!